BOSS: Global Eyewear Campaign

Branded content with the help of a trio of influencers!


Case: Global campaign


'Light is changing everything'

For the new global BOSS Eyewear campaign, we made the magical power of light our core theme, and presented the product in that context. Helped by three of the world’s most influential fashion bloggers, we generated suitable content for every channel and scaled the organic reach.

Catch the light. Central to the campaign are the thoughts and statements of Asian It Boy, Bryanboy (, Los Angeles-based style icon Rumi Neely ( and the Italian model Mariano di Vaio (

With their exceptional style and stellar taste, all three are excellent ambassadors for the BOSS Eyewear brand. With a total reach of over five million followers, they possess the necessary potential to bring the product into the relevant set of many new customers.

So we paired the strengths of a visual lifestyle campaign with the credibility and power of three influencers, using these elements to develop a unique campaign that emotionalizes people because it scores high on character and personality.


Digital everywhere

Responsive Microsite, content hub, product e-selling


The digital hub in the shape of a responsive microsite is both a platform and a distributor. The user can read the testimonials on the personalised pages, and explore the eyewear models chosen by the bloggers – a mix of editorial world of discovery and a shopping experience that informs about the product.



Unique Adaption

Don't copy and paste! In order to exploit the full potential of the digital channels, the content was directly adapted and produced on the respective channel. In this way users were able to discover new angles and new content for the campaign on the various platforms and from various senders. The bloggers posted the movies and content on their blogs, advertised the campaign on their social media channels, and thus delivered millions of media impressions.



Rumi Neely, born in Japan and raised in Los Angeles, is a blogger, photographer and designer with a passion for style. Author of the award-winning blog Fashion Toast, Rumi represents the confidence and femininity of the new BOSS woman.




Filipino Bryanboy is known around the world for the frank and funny musings on fashion he publishes on his hugely popular blog. He rose to prominence thanks to his bold personal style.


Master the Light! @hugoboss #masterthelight #ad

Ein von Bryanboy (@bryanboycom) gepostetes Video am

Catch the light with @bryanboycom for BOSS Eyewear #masterthelight #springsummer15 #hugoboss #bryanboy

Ein von HUGO BOSS (@hugoboss) gepostetes Foto am




Model and actor Mariano di Vaio is the founder of digital magazine mdvstyle, dedicated to men's fashion, lifestyle, sports, travel and music. His personal interpretation of the modern gentlemen is symbolic of the BOSS man.



Relevant creativity:

There is nothing better than a successful idea. QED: 



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Love working with you guys!
— Bryanboy, Blog


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