HUGO BOSS: Shanghai Affairs

A campaign that roamed through digital, mobile & social media. From Asia for Asia and the rest of the world.


Case: Benchmark Online Campaign

Behind every fashion show
there is a story

Our brief: Live streaming the first BOSS Autumn/Winter Fashion Show in the megacity of Shanghai aimed to place it centre-stage in terms of HUGO BOSS’s global digital communication. Objectives: To conquer the Asian market – and captivate the rest of the world. Our solution: We launched the campaign in various phases. Step-by-step, attention was drawn to this major event in the Chinese metropolis.

Implementation: A two-part film with the memorable title “Shanghai Affairs” was placed at the heart of the campaign. Two visually powerful episodes were filmed and produced in China, directed by Noam Griegst. The globally successful electronic artist Trentemøller composed a soundtrack with an electrifying arc of suspense, exclusively for the campaign. 

In the first two film episodes we see the Taiwanese actress Lin Chiling and the male supermodel Jon Kortajarena whose shared “Shanghai Affair” is mysteriously connected with the BOSS Fashion Show


Step 1


The Movie Part 1

The film builds the tension between the fateful encounter between a man and a woman, and two exclusive outfits.

Step 2

The Movie Part 2

The open end of the story in Shanghai fuels curiosity and specifically leads the viewer across to the online live stream of the Fashion Show.

Step 3

The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show in Shanghai is the resolution of the campaign and thus becomes a highlight both in terms of emotion and communication.


Communication coordinated across all channels optimised the running of the campaign.

A six week global 
digital campaign from asia!



In order to reach the users in the target group directly and efficiently, the messages and content for each individual channel were coordinated and edited. The central platform, embedded in, was a morphing Web Special that bundled all activities.

Annotations cleverly dovetailed the parts of the film on YouTube, leading from there directly to the brand channel on which the Fashion Show was broadcast live for the first time. 

On Instagram users were able to track the story and the show’s highlight outfits through exclusive pictures directly from the film set. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter served as interactive dialogue platforms for all background information. 

For the Asian market, the Sina Weibo and Youko communities were activated by means of a mysterious code competition. Thanks to the integration of international bloggers with wide reach, it was possible to expand fashion competence and to contact new target groups.


Shop direct from the live stream!

Why only seduce and not sample as well? Here it was about analysing and expanding new sales markets. At the heart of the campaign we had not only the Fashion Show, but also two exclusive and strictly limited outfits. These were available for purchase in selected BOSS stores during and after the online live stream.



Craftsmanship at its best. From manufacture to catwalk.


Everything revolved around the two outfits – in the film and on the catwalk.



Relevant creativity:

There is nothing better than a successful idea. QED: 



Week long campaign


New followers on Twitter


CRM leads


New followers on Sina Weibo Asia



New Followers on Facebook & Google+


Film views on YouTube & Brightcove


Live views of the Fashion Show


New followers on Youku Asia




Top 10 luxury brand multichannel marketers of Q2


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