HUGO BOSS: Premium e-commerce launch

Ahead of its time. The first premium fashion online flagship store.


Brand e-commerce

A premium online shopping experience!

It’s 2007. The Internet is getting its second wind. Brand worlds are being weighed in the balance. Online trade is gaining ground. But there’s no successful premium fashion store yet. 

WERBEWELT wins an international pitch thanks to its expertise in the areas of e-commerce, fulfilment, brand management, usability and content management. A new and elegant shop concept of hitherto unseen quality is launched in the UK as a test market, and then rolled out in other countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

A brand store geared to position the premium BOSS brand in the luxury segment, with minimalist and supremely user-friendly navigation. Instead of simple pictures of the products alone, high-res photos show the items being presented by models. Fullscreen zoom views display the products in maximum size so that the viewer can virtually touch them and feel the quality. Brand worlds reveal the diversity and style of the collections that provide inspiration by themselves and as looks, and can be bought directly. Many of the features already integrated here were copied in later years by numerous other online stores

The authors of the successful book “Electronic Fashion: E-Shops für Luxusmode aufbauen und profitabel managen” (Building and Profitably Managing E-Shops for Luxury Fashion) already noted that this store represented the benchmark for the electronic fashion market


Premium Flagshipstore 

The online store as a luxury presentation platform


The combination of shop window teasers, catwalk product presentations, product displays, and typography that is reduced yet still succeeds in showing all services, are what sets this digital shopping experience apart. 



In direct comparison it’s the best fashion online store.
— Electronic Fashion: E-Shops



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