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Brand building from the scratch!


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Inspiring, international, 
distinctively different.


The online boom has affected tourism more than just about any other industry. Countless providers – some crudely, and with maximum media outlay – are wooing potential travellers. It’s time to take a different approach.

Austria’s biggest inbound tour operator, EUROTOURS GmbH, contracted WERBEWELT to develop a new international tourism brand in order to set it permanently apart from the competition. We interpreted their vision as “Travel by Inspiration”.

As the global lead agency, WERBEWELT developed a comprehensive brand identity and gave the project a name: JUST AWAY. We undertake 360º management of all customer touchpoints: corporate design, conceptualisation and creation of the entire online travel portal, through to BTL and ATL campaigns, and accompanying activities such as PR, social media and blog PR. From the moment it hits the market, JUST AWAY is inspiring, attractive and international.


Focus on what matters.

As a portal, JUST AWAY doesn’t rely on complicated searches and interchangeable mass offers, but on finding well-thought-out, individual travel packages. Our guiding idea of “inspired travel” runs through every channel – something that can be seen and also felt by the user.


Look & Feel.

The tonality of the image and text worlds speaks for itself: emotive, approachable and inspiring – with a high-end look & feel that is exceptionally distinctive for this industry, and which stands apart from the competition in both visual and conceptual terms. Off for a quick break – but in style.


This differentiates. We worked with the illustrator Sasa Zivkovic to develop an in-house illustration style exclusively for JUST AWAY that strengthens the brand image on all channels in a pleasing and humorous way. That’s what makes JUST AWAY immediately recognisable and instantly appealing.


Let's start.

Hello good times! We launched the brand with a multi-phase mailshot, and introduced it to leading travel journalists and bloggers for the first time. As the feedback shows: Our Little Book of Inspiration immediately infected everybody with travel fever. This was an example of JUST AWAY’s communication as a whole: different and refreshing.



We wanted to get something completely new off the ground. That took courage, and demanded that we think in new dimensions. With WERBEWELT, we found just the right partner, who has helped us to realise our vision.
— Hans-Dieter Toth, CEO EUROTOURS.



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