MANHATTAN Cosmetics: The Mascara Success Story!

Attention-grabbing Volume Colorist Mascara campaign. The number 1 mascara after only two weeks ..


Case: Product launch campaign

Go darker!

The innovation: a cosmetic product that works too if you don't use it? Unusual and explanatory. To this we apply the power of images and the reduction to the essentials. Go darker: Modern. Clear. Loud. Nice. Easy. Different. We have set this as a campaign and as a communication goal: Everyone should understand the new product features and should get explained the advantages an uncritical manner. On TV, print and on the most important digital channels. A product campaign that bangs, is loud and convincing. Directly for the Millennials.

In line with the brand.
In the sense of the claim: 'EXPRESS YOURSELF!'.



The social media extension

With additional short stories, blogger tests and user-generated content, the campaign continues on the net successfully.





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