Yes they can!

What an amazing 3-minute trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games - they're definitely the Superhumans ! It's like a big shout out to all people in this world: It's about the bigger picture! We are all humans! - Download the track at from Sat 16th July, with all profits going to the British Paralympic Association. And watch the backstories about the Superhumans.. for example Drummer Alvin Law

The best thing of the Euro 2016 is this commercial!

Maybe the most emotional commercial of 2016! And maybe the most brave commercial of 2016! People are dying because of their sexuality all around the world. So it is time that the biggest brands and institutions make a stand against homophobia. This little football story of the good old traditional Deutsche Bahn is a perfect example how to deal with it! Connecting more then A to B! What a bold claim! What a bold statement! Chapeau. Chapeau DB!