A biophilia experience in theaters

A new trend in the music industry? Kanye West announced a concert movie. Now Björk is showing ‘biophilia live’ in theaters all over the world“A captivating record of an artist in full command of her idiosyncratic powers” (variety) and “an imaginative stand-alone artwork” (hollywood reporter) - no words to add :)

(btw. Prince did it already in 1987 with "Sign of the times" the concert movie) 

The Moon-Sneaker

Back in 1969 Neil Armstrong touched the moon. More precisely his feet touched the survace of the moon. The boots he wore were made by GE. Only the best , lightest and most durable materials were used to manufacture that boot.

Now, to celebrate the 45th anniversery, GE again put together high-tec materials to creat a 100pcs limited-edition Moon-Sneaker in collaboration with Designer Android Homme and Retailer Jack Threads. Guess the price tag? Of course 196.9!