Loooooooong Bacon Twitter Timeline

This app is not intended for those who are completely against wrapping their timelines in 3½ feet of bacon. If wrapping your timeline with forty-two image Tweets of a very long strip of bacon is not for you, then you should definitely not do this because that is exactly what happens when you use Bacon Timeline. If you think you can convince yourself, then you should convince yourself and quickly do Bacon Timeline before you change your mind.

Push and order!

Hey guys. This is not an April fool's joke. It is the next step to combine your analog daily world with your virtual one. Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you're running low, simply press Dash Button and Amazon quickly delivers household favorites at the same low prices offered on Amazon.com, so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store. The question is. How many of them do we need? We suggest a button wall in your hallway :)

P(W)oop P(W)oop! :) - Omg people. Finally! :D

Yes Poo~Pourri is a real product. Yes Poo~Pourri is clinically proven to work. Poo~Pourri Toilet Deodorizers Some say the secret to a happy relationship is separate bathrooms, but those people have never tried Poo~Pourri, the classy, sassy, ultra effective way to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it.

Amazon online will be offline will be online.

Amazon.com will open a retail store in New York for the holidays. A pick-up, same-day-delivery and return-station. With a big presentation of the Kindle Fire too, we guess. Usually people going to a retail store to see an item, then going home to order it online - so called "Showroom buying". Now amazon is shaking it up and is doing the opposite. Stretching the brand is never a bad idea! :)