Hipster Insights #1

Hipster need firewood. Real, authentic firewood. Handmade, as you will see in the video. While some are joking about their attitude, we see a need for identification and a story behind a product. Products are not anonymous things anymore, made somewhere far east. Products now have a character, a story, a background. This is also true for luxury goods, for fashion, for electronics (see Apple), more product categories will follow the trend.

The reasonable future of Captain Future!

Is it the future of Captain future? Who knows. It's unfortunately a trailer for an non existent movie. But it shows perfectly the potential of our animated childhoods hero! Maybe this experiment will give some producers the idea of turning it into a project. So we help to share the video for a viral movement - for a future of Captain Future.

We love kickstarter. We love new ideas. We love ZNAPS

Let's make charging easier! ZNAPS is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, water damage through charging outlet, and more! This innovative magnetic charging adapter will make your life just a bit more convenient. And we're not sharing it to get a free adapter, we're sharing it because we like the idea! Do you? So get one on kickstarter now! :)

WERBEWELT is part of the future of fashion.

FashionTech Berlin is a part of the Berlin Fashion Week and the PREMIUM fair. It's the conference on the future of fashion with interesting contributors like WIRED, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, AUDI, ZALANDO, AMAZON FASHION, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT ,...and WERBEWELT of course :) Our CEO Tobias Ulmer will hold a keynote about digital marketing & communication strategies. Join him if you're in Berlin on the 8th of July. Or follow the website for information and video streams of the speeches.