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Product campaign

Mission XSolar

After summer comes the winter. It doesn't matter, though. XSolar is the first solar light which always works. 

STEINEL XSolar lights don't require a power connection, have up to 60 days of reserve lighting, and are available in a great variety of designs. In order to communicate these product benefits in a sales-boosting way, we have developed Mission XSolar. This is a storytelling campaign which puts STEINEL solar lights to the test in environments where other solar lights fail. It uses little stories involving snow, rain and heat. We show that these lights withstand all conditions. We document their reliable operation in a variety of different environments. The stages of Mission XSolar.

"We're human beings. We need light. Light and sun."

Our first journey on Mission XSolar took us to Austria. The Parzauner Hütte chalet is located on an isolated alpine meadow at an altitude of 1400 metres. Here the three XSolar lights were able to demonstrate how well they hold up in winter. Because the chalet has no electricity, solar lights are the perfect alternative for ensuring the safety of the guests at night.



The second trip of the mission XSolar went to Honkenswarf. It stands on the 10 km2 North Frisian Hallig Langeneß. Through the harsh weather and the lack of levees, flood is a part of the lives of the residents - such as the fresh sea air and the unreliable power supply. A place made to test the constant performance of XSolar lights.


In summary:

The integrated web special summarises the different stages in which the lights are used, and offers them for direct sale. The integrated campaign is rounded off with press specials and POS sales promotions.





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